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Natural human hair. Interhair Moscow

Interhair Moscow Company
The INTERHAIR Company is a sure leader on sale of synthetic and natural hair, tools for hair extension and hair extension accompanying and the goods of style designing in the Russian market.
The INTERHAIR Company at the moment sells the natural hair, manufactured in Italy.
The quality of natural hair is Remy and Super Remy.
The company`s motto is "Availability and quality to everyone".
The INTERHAIR offers cooperation to the manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and products applied in the field of hair extension, decoration of the hairdresses and style designing on mutually advantageous conditions.
We will consider any interesting offers of cooperation and we will give the answer in the electronic form.
There is an educational centre of modern technologies of hair extension and plaiting, and adornment of hairdresses.
We are looking forward for your messages.
+7 495 978 77 45


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